Trinity Smith


I am a freshman at Belvidere North High School, my current GPA is 3.57. My favorite classes right now are English and Social Studies. My goal is to pursue a career as a anesthesiologist. 


I start in center field and have recently started playing a little at 1st base. I was in the top 3 for hits and RBI'S, I currently bat number 5 in our line up. My batting average sits at a .492 as of last season. My goal is to become a better hitter and asset to my team. 

A little fun fact about me is I generally have one of the highest HBP (hit by pitch) average, it has become something to laugh about with my teammates. 

Personal Interests

I love playing softball and I currently help manage the high school girls basketball team. I also enjoy watching football. 

My favorite thing of all is being part of the K-Cancer organization and putting smiles on the kids faces.