Future leaders

Not "Just Athletes"

 We don’t just tell our youth about a brighter future. We point out challenges in our community, equip them, and then send them out to create a brighter future!

K Cancer Softball is a Youth Led 501(c)3 non-profit. All athletes that participate on the K Cancer Travel Team take part in leadership training as members of either our Youth Advisory Executive Board or Youth Advisory General Board.

Team members who express an interest in a future in business take part in the Youth Advisory Executive Board which handles the “Business” of the non-profit. They receive classroom mentoring and real world training on how to run an organization. They are active participants in board meetings and decision making. They are frequently tasked with creating awareness through public speaking opportunities where they have the opportunity to speak in front of large groups of people.

All other members of our Travel Softball Team are members of our Youth Advisory General Board. The General Board is tasked with leading and manning our Awareness and Support Events that take place throughout the year. General Board Members may lead our parade involvement, Peer Non-Profit partnership events, and #teammate Support Efforts. This is a great opportunity to learn project management and teamwork skills that will come in handy later in life!

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 If you are a local Entrepreneur and would be interested in lending your expertise to the next generation, please reach out to us through e-mail at We can always use help as we strive to “Ignite the Social Entrepreneur Gene” in our next generation of Socially Conscious Leaders! 

Rockford East/Cherry Valley Rotary

Speech just prior to Diane Hendicks' Keynote