Support for the whole family



From the overwhelming shock at the moment of the first diagnosis, to the long-haul maintenance of the after effects of harsh treatment drugs, battling Childhood Cancer is a seemingly impossible journey. That journey is made a little easier when you travel it with people who understand. The only people who can truly understand, are families who have been in your shoes and have, "Fought The Monster".

Our mission is to provide support for local Pediatric Oncology families and survivors in the way that is best for them. That can be anything from gas cards to get to treatment, car repairs to help with the travel. You name it, we have probably done it.  Most people aren't aware of the fact that our families whose children are diagnosed with cancer have to travel outside of our community for treatment? This creates a host of challenges that go beyond treatment and hospital bills.

  • Who pays for the gas to travel back and forth to Chicago or Madison for 6 months to a year?
  • How do you afford oil changes, parking, tolls and auto repairs that come with driving crazy miles?
  • What happens when medication and treatment expenses overwhelm you as you are trying to make ends meet?

That's where we come in!  Thanks to the supportive state-line community, we are able to help. When you are sitting at the kitchen table with your head in your hands saying, "How in the world are we going to be able to...", give us a call at (815)329-2246 or email us at We are here to help!